Strength Coaching


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Customized Workout Plans

Workout plans are based on your fitness and your goals in order to most efficiently prepare you for a sporting season, a big race, or a one-time competition. I utilize a periodization training model in order to be sure we are progressing, recovering, and peaking at the appropriate times.

Form Checks

I want to make sure that my athletes are understanding and performing exercises correctly - especially on more complex lifts. I like to have my athletes record their form so we can break it down and see how we may be able to optimize the movement.

Interactive Facebook Group

You will be invited to a Facebook group with other athletes I work with. While I may touch on and explain a few things on Instagram, I like to get into deeper discussion and dig deeper into more specific topics to a smaller, more exclusive group. This is a place for open discussion with myself and other athletes just like you.

24/7 Communication

Whether you'd like to schedule weekly check-ins or shoot me a text with a training questions whenever you'd like, I am readily available to you. I like to give my athletes an open line to communicate any time of day to pick my brain or bring up any questions or concerns they may have.


I'm happy to have a coach who understands a healthy work-life balance to help create a workout routine that fits my schedule. Carmen is very knowledgeable in combining workouts, recovery, and strength training. I was very happy to be able to maintain and even improve on my fitness after graduating college where I was training at a very high level for 4 years.

Anthony, Aurora University 1,500m record holder (3:59.16)



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